The sun beats down, and the shade under the walls of Tyr brings with it its own penalty — the stench of refuse and sickness. Something is dying in this city, something beyond the slaves Kalak is working to death to build his pyramid.

You’ll be gone soon. The elves may not be friendly, but they need people to work the caravan. You need a relatively safe way to cross the wastes, and the ceramics in your pocket will buy you water and food in Altaruk.

The Dragon only knows who the rest of these people are. Let’s hope they don’t get you killed.

Upcoming dates:
November 13 — Mark/Gina
November 6 — Scheftel’s place
Historical game dates

Don’t forget to edit your character page on the characters tab, or anything else you’d like to add. Anything goes, though I may change or veto things that conflict too much or “ruin” the setting. Plot hooks, maps your character has previously found, contacts you know — write them up and post them. I’ve got a loose overarching plot and adventures for the heroic tier (levels 1-10) but it’ll be better if we can build this together!

On the character’s tab, you can choose a blank character sheet option to get rid of the numbers tab.

Some suggested Reading/Gaming/other, feel free to build:
Burrough’s Barsoom novels
Lord of the Flies
The Road
Mad Max

Computer games, Fallout series
Movie, Black Hawk Down (soon you’ll see why)