An Evil Fleet of Sand Skimmers

002. Murder Most Fair

In which the party finds evil lurking beneath the surface of Altaruk. Like under every other surface in Athas.

As the adventure opens, we see the PCs on middle of the arena fight card, right after Dustin (“Screech”) Diamond vs. Ron “Horshack” Palillo, but under Manute Bol vs. William “The Refrigerator” Perry.

For the full story, go here: The Gory Details
Edited to move Wulatin’s detailed writeup elsewhere.


So far I have to say, “Best campaign ever!” I’m enjoying the workload. And it’s all going according to plan; I will be level three when I make my appearance. (I sure hope not.)

002. Murder Most Fair

Thanks for doing this Dave

002. Murder Most Fair

Thank you. You’re a truly lovely audience this evening. It’s great to be out among friends. Frankly, it’s great to be out anywhere. We recently, had a little bit of a scuffle and I wrote a little verse about it. I hope you don’t mind. I like to try out the new material on the road sometimes.

Ziggy Zardust and The Spiders from Sewers

Fighting Giths with Zar, doing good when we were ambushed by
The Spiders from sewers
One bit my left hand, it made it so sore,
Bynn’s a special man, he cured my poor left hand

Liam never missed, He shot his bow while we screwed up fighting
Like some Robin Hood, he was just that good
He won’t leave us hang
Even so loaded man, you know he wasn’t in the can

Then there was a murder and the Guards tried to break our balls
The governor decided to hire us,
So we searched without fail and found a Dwarf from the Veil ?

The Dwarf played for time, Putting us in deep doo doo
The battle went fast, When Zayne cast
Put the Dwarf on his Ass
His partner was all in white but he died in the fight.

We got a gift from the governor transferred power into ours minds
Liam just wanted whiskey
Of course we didn’t let him know that we let the Dwarf go.

[Clicking the link brings up the actual song. I apologize in advance for my lack of musical talent and without any kind of guide vocal, my lack of rhythm.]

002. Murder Most Fair

That was awesome, Liam!

002. Murder Most Fair

From the journal of Bynn Jerdun:

Another arena battle today. As mentioned in the previous entry, I was hoping to find another gladiator to join us to give our group more strength. Unfortuntately the two that were assigned to us to even the sides died in the fight. For whatever reasons, I just wasn’t able to encourage them to keep fighting the way I could the others. My guess is that they were slaves forced to make an appearance, and their heart was never in it.

One good thing to come out of it was that Liam has certainly found his range with the bow. He was a very effective sniper in this battle. I’m hoping that the first battle in the desert was simply an aberration. If it’s not, he might be what we call a “streaky shooter”.

Complications ensued when Tellemon was murdered in the arena. I don’t know whether I should have been dreading the fact that we were asked to investigate, or simply grateful that we hadn’t been chosen as patsies for the crime. Liam had his difficulties in the arena, but he did very well coaxing information out of the witnesses. I’m not saying he could sell sand to elves…but I do think he could get them to try a few free samples.

To make a long story short, we found the culprit(s). The battle was difficult – that double headed axe the assassin used actually put me down – thank goodness Liam was there to heal me. Meanwhile, Zar’s struggles in out-of-ring fighting continue. I may need some tutoring sessions with him.

Worse, the battle probably should nevre have happened. My first instincts were correct – the dwarf was trying to escape, not fight. That didn’t reduce the chance of his guilt, but perhaps we could have had the talk we did before the gladiator was killed. When he called us defilers, I could have tried to convince him otherwise. But at the time, I thought it was a generic term of disparagement used to to describe anyone who worked for the sorceror-king rulers in any capacity. It wasn’t until later that it dawned on me that he wore the Veil.

Which led to a new set of difficulties. Zayne and I exchanged some strong words during that discussion. Unfortunately, she’s probably right. It probably would have been best to turn the dwarf over. I of all people should know that performing a service for the Veil doesn’t mean you’ll get anything from them in return. The sad truth is that part of me still wants to prove myself to them. Like if I did enough, they’d say “Oh, Bynn! We were so wrong. Please join us!”


Anyway, the governor offered each of us a boon in addition to the usual gold. I refused it – I’ve been around enough sorcerors to know that the strings attached to such gifts are often strong enough to get strangled by them. Yet I felt a little different when I left, and I think I may have been given one despite my wishes. I plan to use it quickly.

Zayne says she has more work for us – something about retrieving some goods. This kind of task is something I’m definitely more familiar with. If they were stolen, I have some confidence in getting them back. If they’re “lost” that’s more problematic. Still, it will be good to get back to my trading days.

002. Murder Most Fair

Day started funny. Zayne want to make us slaves. This is not good. I told her no I would not be her slave. Then she said some more things that made my head hurt again. I’m not sure what it all meant but she gave me some coin and a nice warm place on the floor to sleep. Maybe she is not so bad. She also talks slower to me when my head starts to hurt and that helps. I am also her guard now. I am to kill anyone that tries to touch her. And she pays me for it too! Life is good.

Then Bynn and Zayne and Liam and Liam all started talking about making a band. At first I thought they were talking about being a band of raiders but they were talking about the kind of band that makes funny sounds. We are all supposed to play instruments, which are like weapons band people use, I don’t know if I like this. But Bynn said I might get a good one, I think he said maybe a tambourine or triangle. I don’t know what those are but they must be the mightiest of the instruments if he is to give me one!

Bynn said it would be good to travel like this so we would be in cognito. I don’t know what a cognito is so I don’t know if I want to travel in one yet. They talked some more and some more and some more. Then I got bored of what they were saying and imagined myself covered in the blood of my enemies, I was better after that.

Then Grimgutt said we should join a battle in the arena. I like Grimgutt, he is smart. That was the best idea any one had, I wish I had come up with it. Then I found out Grimgutt and Zayne would not fight with us but instead would watch us and bet on us. This was like my old master……….I fixed it once, I can fix it again.

We started very early in battle, the way all days should start. It helps me stay regular. But I need to remember to eat light for breakfast. If I eat too much then I get sick during battle and throw up. That’s ok as long as I can get it back down fast enough it’s still fresh, and warm. This make me hungry, I’m going to eat…………………………………..

………………………I thought I finished this. Oh well. Anyway we fought many foes and I killed two more and one ginormous spider. I took their teeth and added it to my necklace. Spider teeth are funny. I cut my finger on it a little bit and I didn’t feel so good. I had to go to sleep for awhile. Some one said I had a see-ger when I was a sleep. I didn’t see any Gers, I don’t even know what one looks like. I will ask Bynn to help me. Maybe he knows what a Ger looks like. I also had a lot of foam on my face when I woke up. Spider teeth are funny. What was I saying? Oh yeah, before I had seven teeth on my necklace, now I added three more. Now I have seven and three more. I don’t know how many that is. I will ask Bynn to tell me how many that is. He’s a smart Dray.

We fought in the arena with two other people we didn’t know to help us. We won and some of us were dead! It was a good battle! But the battle ended too fast. They rushed us out of the arena and I didn’t even get a chance to bathe in the blood of my enemies! I was sad. Then a man in clean clothes, I think he was someone important, came to talk to us. I didn’t understand what he was talking about because he was using smart people words, but I did hear him say ‘killed’ so it must have been about something good.

Then we went up to the seats. I’ve never been up there before. The ‘Pit’ looks smaller up there. Then everyone was looking around. Zayne told me to go look at the wall. Then my day got really good! I found a knife. I liked it. It was my knife. I found it. If you find something it is yours. But then Zayne took my knife away………just like my old master did. I thought this was bad but then Grimgutt gave me a big axe! I like Grimgutt. After they looked at my used to be new knife we had to go into town to talk to people. This is where things get really boring. We talked for a long time! My head was hurting. I played with my new weapon because I was bored. It made me feel better.

Finally Bynn said we had to go check something out from the information we got. I don’t know what it was we were supposed to be checking out but there was something about a dwarf. I thought maybe he was talking about Grimgutt but he was talking about another dwarf. Finally after walking forever we saw a dwarf. Bynn said that was the one we were looking for. I chased after him and found him guarded by one of the most fearsome and ferociously deadly enemies I have ever seen, almost as good as me.

We fought long and hard and soon we made him dead. It was a glorious battle and many of us almost were dead. Liam, the one that doesn’t sing, and Zayne captured the dwarf. But they did not make him dead. They talked to him for a very long time and I was bored again. People talk a lot. Bynn said he wore a veil but I did not see one. I think maybe Bynns’ eyes are not very good. Then we talked more and some of us wanted to turn him into the man with the clean clothes and some did not. Liam who does not sing used very smart thinking. He said he was going to make him dead because he made the man that bought him drinks dead. That is smart thinking.

Then Bynn asked me what I wanted to do. I was not sure, I tried to think about it but it made my head hurt so I would do what ever Bynn thought was best to do. Bynn likes to think. Then they said it was settled what we were going to do, but they wouldn’t let me kill him! I was confused again. We let him go. Why does everyone say that I’m not smart? We spend whole day looking for him, then when we find him we let him go. That not smart. I don’t understand.

Then we go back to man in clean clothes and we don’t tell him about dwarf. Again I was confused. I think maybe something was going on I don’t understand. So I didn’t say anything. Then the man with the clean clothes said he was going to give us something. He said he was going to make the magic for us, but he just waved his arms around and used more words that I didn’t understand. It was a very confusing day.

Then we went home and find out that someone come to speak to Zayne. Now Zayne says she has something else for us to do. Zayne always has things for us to do……..just like my old master.
Liam, the one who sings, made his funny sounds again and he said my name. He made me laugh. I like him. If we every get trapped somewhere and we are all going to die from not having food I will kill and eat him last so he can make me laugh while I eat the others.

But at the end of the night I feel different. I feel stronger, better. I don’t know how as I was already a great warrior. Maybe I am a greater warrior now.

002. Murder Most Fair

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