An Evil Fleet of Sand Skimmers

005. "Oh my!" or Treachery Most, eh, Treacherous

Having survived our epic battle in the crypt against a number of rather rude Undead foes, not to mention some particularly viscous doors we set out for our next challenge. Alas this foe, another set of doors in alliance with a 10 × 20 room was almost too much for us to overcome. Finally after some amateur thievery and a lot of shouting at the door by Zar we managed to get into the main chamber.

The floor of the main chamber was inlaid with a horrible sun motif, kind of like that weird Jimmy Dean breakfast commercial guy, he really creeps me out. Thankfully our foe was another undead instead of that guy, whew that was close. Here is where things got a little hazy for Liam. Now I admit I did imbibe quite a bit during our short rest, come to think it that may explain his failure to spot those traps at the door and his missing his first three shots. Where was I, oh yeah in the middle of the battle that double dwarf/half giant fella Ganath attacks me. Treachery, I knew we shouldn’t have trusted that guy when he just showed up in the middle of our journey. Oh he claimed that we was under the influence of the Undead creature but when he crited me for the second time I began to take notice of his odd behavior. We managed to defeat the creature only to see him reappear moments later with another devastating attack. Don’t think I didn’t see you slip him that healing fruit Ganath, I have my eye on you.

Finally victory was ours and we goods from House Menards, where you always save more money. After searching through the remains of our undead foe our expert appraiser Liam determined that we found a worthless circlet of silver and a mighty amber necklace pretty sweet loot.

Liam managed to make some use of his experience with thievery to make off with the metal doors as well as the goods we were hired to retrieve. Luckily we were not surprised by yet another ambush outside the cave. Whoever is trying to kill us must be getting desperate as they hired a group of Shadowrunners (Trolls, Elves, Human) to attack us. We were doing fine until a mage appeared perched above the cave entrance launching deadly AOE’s. Alas this proved his undoing as Bynn scrambled up and pushed him off the edge, crashing to the ground below. Liam, remembering the example of his Uncle Dick Cheney, shot the Mage in the face and we soon prevailed.

All that remained was to return the goods to Alterac. I just assumed that we would just bypass Captain Galvanger and run right to the Frostwolf relief hut but apparently that strategy has been nerfed, thanks Blizzard. Anyways on the way back our skiffs got attacked by the giant plant from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, although I slept through much of this fight. When I finally awoke I found the Halflings skiff runners basting a sleeping Zar while eagerly licking their lips. I was able to run off the plucky scamps with the promise that Zar would taste much better after some more dry aging. Soon the plant we defeated and we had a nice salad before going back to bed.

Fiber from veggies is very important for adventurers if you want to remain regular, knowing that a good bowel movement is the key to a good day. And knowing is half the battle.

The More You Know


Started, then deleted when Bill said he wanted to do this one. (I have it saved just in case.)


From the Journal of Bynn Jerdun:

This world is unforgiving. One of the rarest gifts is the opportunity to learn from your mistakes, because too often errors will kill you. I received such a gift today.

We were fighting a particularly deadly breed of undead. It had necrotic powers. It could summon minions. It could temporarily take control of our minds and set us against each other. And we had to kill it twice.

I have an ability that I should have used at the start of the battle. I can coordinate a small group to greatly improve their accuracy for a time. But it’s mentally taxing, so much so that I find that I have to rest for hours before I can try to do it again. It requires snap judgments and split-second timing.

Because of this, I’m reluctant to use it. There’s a part of me that is concerned that another, deadlier threat is just beyond the next door, or sand dune, or alley. It gives me a feeling of security.

Grak and others in the Clan derided me as a stylus pusher. I preferred to think of myself as resourceful, and took pride in how I managed the Clan’s resources. But if you don’t use your resources, you’re not managing them. You’re hoarding. Had I led with my ability, the fight may have gone more smoothly for us.

Thank goodness others in the group had more foresight. Liam in particular sang an inspirational number that aided all of us in striking our blows against the creature. We had another close call, this time with Zar nearly dying. I fear that someday our luck will run out, but for now we’re all still alive.

We finally found the missing goods of the House. I wanted to open them to ensure we were delivering what the House was looking for – visions of them opening a box with stones and a note that read: Too slow! crossed my mind – but Zaine insisted that breaking the seals would void the contract. It’s unlilkely that any thief would have survived an encounter with that…thing, anyway.

On our way out of the cavern, we were ambushed again. More assassins trying to collect a bounty. The same six names on the paper (I wonder how long before Ganath’s name appears as well?) If and when the next attack occurs, we need to take one of them alive so we can question him. Even if we can’t get him to talk, that in itself would tell us something. Few can inspire more fear than a certain death in the desert.

But at least I was given a quick chance to learn from my mistake. They had an arcane caster on the cliffside, striking many of us with powerful magic blasts. There are times for prudent thought before action, but this wasn’t one of them. I scaled the cliffside quickly and shoved him off. He was hurt badly by the fall and Liam’s arrows took care of the rest. I don’t often take a direct role in combat, and that’s all right – as long as I know when I should.

I now have a magic item. I believe it is called the Crown of Dust. It may have abilities unknown to me, as there are indentations in the crown where gems could be stored, which in theory would give the item additional power, if I remember one of Grak’s lectures correctly. I will need to research this further to find out what gems I would need.

On the way back to Silver Springs, we were attacked during a resting point by a nasty desert beast. This time it was Zar, not myself, who slept through most of the battle. I think his near death experience took more of a toll on him then we first thought.

Things to do in the future:

1. Find out who’s hiring these bounty hunter assassins, and convince them that their efforts would be better spent elsewhere.
2. When possible, train with the others. I have some ideas that would potentially make us more effective as a unit, especially in a fight against a single opponent. (Especially Liam.)
3. We need a contigency should we be forced to call a retreat. Perhaps if certain conditions are met – a certain number of us having fallen, for instance. No one likes to think about this, but we’ve already had two members cheat death. I’m sure it will happen again. Something to discuss with the others.


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