An Evil Fleet of Sand Skimmers

Make Like a Tree and Die

Well it’s been a while and I don;t have my botes with me so I may be a little unclear on some of the names involved.

So anyways we had to break into the estate of an ex-Templar named Hommol Gyra to liberate a large ruby so that we could get some information from a Dray named Ushrik. He had a very nice manor with a beautiful garden in the middle covered by an impressive glass paneled roof. Liam McShooty suggested that since he was the only one who didn’t move like a bull in a china closet that maybe he should sneal in alone and retrieve the ruby. Liam made a seemless entry through the roof but he didn’t count on what lay within.

Somehow the Dragon of Athas knew he was on too us so he lay in wait disguised as a large tree. Liam, not expecting trouble from any uppity shrubbery was caught unawares as the Dragon tore at him with it’s tree-limb shaped wings. Although his desire for vengeance was great, Liam knew he had to bring back word that the Dragon was nigh to Liam McTalky and there other companions. Making his way back to the party he imfomred them that a stealthy approach which no longer be possible. The group decide that main force was a better option and so they assulted the manor. After a pitched battle with some very poorly trained house bets they found the monor empty of any people. A quick search found stairs leading to a basement vault.

Alas the vault was a trap and we found ourselves ambushed by a fell Obsidian Golem. The stone abomination rampaged through our ranks time and time again while the very room itself seemed to spew a poisonous cloud. Time and time again Bynn fell to the creatures wrath as Zar raced to stuff a scooby snack in his mouth to get him back in the fight.knowing that getting the vault door open was the key to disabling the traps Zayne consulted her most powerful tome (Psionics for Dummies) to no avail, until Liam McShooty suggested she use the index after which the magical trap was quickly disabled. Open the vault revealed a passage to the UnderTyr as well as the ruby. There was some other stuff but something tells me we won’t have it for long so why bother.



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