An Evil Fleet of Sand Skimmers

Nuts and Bolts, Nuts and Bolt.. We Got Screwed

With ruby in hand, we made our way through the underbelly of the noble district. The dungoneering expertise of Grimgutt got us safely out and to street level. Without stopping to clean up or take an extended rest, we finally found ourselves across the table from Ushrik, Tithian, and Kargash of the House Tsalaxa. Upon our proof in obtaining the ruby, Kargash provided Tithian with a very impressive sword, which Tithian took possession of and then he disintegrated away (which was quiet impressive itself). Kargash demanded we give him not only the ruby, but that Bynn give him the crown found in the lost cavern of the House Madar. When Bynn refused, Kargash dominated his mind making Bynn give him what he wanted. The group readied for battle; however, before we could attack a wicked Thir-kreen monk dropped from the ceiling. Zaine tried to grab the ruby but amongst the commotion was unsuccessful. We fought valiantly and bloodied the (14-level) monk, even though more than half of us couldn’t hit the broad-side of a sand-skiff and the monk and (15-level elite) Kargash were obscured in a zone of darkness. When we realized retreat was our only option, it was too late. One-by one we dropped….Zar, Bynn, Liam (b) [Oh Shit! the healers are down], Ganath, Grimgutt, Zaine, and finally, Liam®.

We awoke a few days later, dress in rags. Our heads were shaved and strange tattoos etched into our flesh. We were now slaves of Tyr, forced to build Kalak’s folly. Zar did not take too kindly to being a salve (again?). He tested boundaries and found himself thrown into “isolation”. We quickly realized to make it on the inside we would need to find allies. The question would be with whom would our alliances side? Which slave “clique” would we fit in: the roughians, the loners, those whole had lost their will to live….Wait! Is this high school all over again??



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