Detailed Adventure 003

Rhotan Vor of the trading house Wavir has information that’s of great interest to Zaine Leidos. Vor has already negotiated with the patriarch Leidos to provide that information (whatever it is, no one besides Zaine and Grimgutt seem to know what it is). All he asks in return is that Zaine and her hirelings do a quick favor for him. A simple retrieval of a treasure that may or may not exist.

House Madar fell about a century ago. Rumors are that House Tsalaxa decided to muscle them out of the livestock business — permanently. Stories persist of some sort of fortified hideaway that would serve as a refuge for the leaders of the house and their portable treasures. Vor believes he’s found the location of this hideaway, deep in the Canyon of Gothay.

As the party prepared to go, Bynn noticed a half-giant drinking alone. He squinted, thought — yes! that was the one I saw take a halfling’s head straight off, with only a club. A few drinks were bought and another member had joined the group.

Some preparations later, and the next morning the intrepid adventurers were off, a couple of hours ahead of the sand skiffs, scouting to ensure that they ran into nothing untoward. Two days later, after fighting off a swarm of baazrag lizards, the adventurers arrived at the Crimson oasis. They found the small trading post burnt down as well as a bunch of brigands. The PCs made short work of them — all except the halfling psyker who fled — and took their sashes as a reward.

The trip was long and arduous, and heat exhaustion set in. Soon, a couple of members of the party were stricken by sun sickness. Everyone knew it was time to rush to Silver Springs, to get care and rest, especially for Liam the Bard.

On the road the party encountered a group of Elven peddlers, and almost came to blows over distrust, but both sides walked on. Then, just as Silver Springs appeared in the background, the party was ambushed by assassins, lead by a thri-kreen monk and a human defiler. After winning, though with a few more scars for Zar, the party found a scroll describing them, down to their names, appearances, and gear, along with orders to kill them. The battlefield left behind, our heroes enter the walled village of Silver Springs, to see what they can learn from Toramund, the jefe of the town.

Detailed Adventure 003

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